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LEGO Minecraft Build Back 

We started Build Back, an anti-bullying campaign that rebuilt Minecraft players’ destroyed creations—only this time, with LEGO. We found Minecraft players online who were “griefed” and used their old photos and videos to rebuild their lost creations with LEGO bricks.

Then we surprised them with LEGO models recreating what once stood in Minecraft—proving that no matter what happens, you can always find a way to build back. Players got a chance to see their creations in the real world for the first time and they couldn’t wait to share it with their fans, and the world.

With over 600,000 organic views and 12,000 positive comments, just a few LEGO sets sparked a huge conversation. And by honoring creativity, LEGO was able to combat online bullying with building, and inspire both Minecraft and LEGO fans to spread positivity, brick by brick.

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